Our philosophy


According to many, sustainability should be basis for the future.

Duurzaam Wonen Holland is the name under which we promote sustainability. Our ambition is to strive for 100% honest sustainability, for everyone and for every budget. This can be done by simply regulating your use of gas for boilers and setting the right flow regarding the radiators for optimum efficiency.

But also more basic solutions are a part of our promotion for more sustainability. For example the use of diverent curtains or a draft lock in the corridor with an extra door can prevent heat loss and therefor saving energy.

For those who wish to take a big stap towards sustainability, we can advise and guide on a complete transformation from the current energy-consuming home to an efficient mini energy plant with maximum comfort and minimal co2 emissions and consumption. You can contact us for your sustainability questions and wishes. From an exploratory conversation, let us determine what the exact energy demand per room is of your current home using our unique measuring equipment from Green TEG or advising and installing all available sustainable solutions.

But also the development of new sustainable products is a big part of the ultimate goal in which Duurzaam Wonen Holland contributes to a eco-friendly and sustainable world.